Top 10 360° cameras

In the modern age, people embrace modern technologies for their impeccable outcomes. When it comes to capturing the lively moments from an event or making promotional videos to capturing serene scenes, nobody wants to see the world around them in a square or rectangle anymore. They are continuously seeking new technologies that let them view their world in a tremendous whole new way instead of limiting them.

If you are one of them who embraces the modern era and its advancements to have a whole new view experience of covering the entire visual plane, you need to know about these fantastic 360° cameras for their breathtakingly panoramic views.

A 360° camera is known as an omnidirectional camera that literally captures everything around the sphere with its 360° field of view. 360° cameras are more widely used today nowadays because of their spectacular specifications and coverage. These cameras show phenomenal results while shooting panoramas or while covering other larger fields. Also, since augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) is rising in prevalence in various interactive entertainment fields such as in video games, etc., 360° cameras have gained much popularity.

If you are looking for the best 360° cameras in your space, we have enlisted the top 10 360° cameras that have been evaluated based on its field of view, water resistance, ease of use, video quality, and other factors. Depending upon your profession, you can choose the one that suits your needs and requirements based on their specific features and characteristics.


MoooVR is one of the best VR shooting camera rigs; it has five different lenses that can easily shoot the 360-degree shot. It is designed for all camera brands but is usually used with the Canon DSLR’s. This camera rig is capable of combining all five cameras and creates the proper link between them.

This camera’s link is specially designed for shooting the 360-degree angles. This rig is used for different businesses, such as marketers, photographers, and video makers. It has the 7.5mm of the fisheye lens, which allows the user to make videos of 180 degrees easily form each camera.

The main thing is you can make videos without needing a separate adapter. The lens fits with the camera to give the high quality of the extra-wide view. It is made with the special wires, and the frame used in it can minimize the vibrations to create the perfect clicks. It has the camera of the 24.2 megapixels; by attaching the lens, the image quality will enhance.

The camera has a display screen of 3 inches with 1.04 million dots. The camera has the space of six micro SD cards and 12 SD cards in it. With all these accessories, the camera cost around 10000 dollars.

GoPro Omni

GoPro Omni is one of the most popular and professional 360 cameras available in the market for about $5000. This version of Gopro is a solution for 360° video software and hardware. This camera captures 360° videos in 4K at 120fps, 8K at 30fps, and 5.7K at 60fps.

It is often mistaken as a simple rig; however, it incorporated 4 black 6 Hero edition GoPros containing the software and hardware that ensures the synchronization of its cameras on a precise level. The images can be synchronized down to the pixel instead of stitching them together in post-production.

The cameras are matched automatically for the ease of stitching and shooting. The inbuilt programming of Gopro Omni enables easy importing of all the video files. The stitching software provides a lot of control over the stitching process that goes quite well for small production houses, prosumers, and newsrooms to get into stitching, shooting, and editing 360 videos.

Nokia OZO

One of the most expensive rigs available in the market is the Nokia OZO. This camera consists of 100° crossover with a 195° angle along with its eight different lenses that enable this device to capture audio from every direction in addition to collecting a full 360° spatial video. With a solid-state drive of 500 GB, Nokia OZO has the capability to shoot a video of around 45 minutes in a single goes with full probability from the battery. You can also gain complete wireless control over Nokia OZO camera in the field or on-set with OZO remote by controlling its camera settings or monitoring all of its lenses at a time.