Rebrand FAQ

When VDRoom-Travel was established it focused on creating 360° solutions for the hospitality industry. Since then we have grown and evolved into a leader in visual and imagery management, beyond industry and sector.

Similar to the way a wine expert is a sommelier, a hotel expert is a hotelier, we are the visual experts – visualier.

Yes! Our vision is to bring forefront cloud technology to everyone, regardless of the technical backgrounds. We make it possible, so you can make it happen.

Other than our name, we are changing our target market and expanding our offering beyond 360° solutions for travel.

There has been no change to the corporate structure, the change is reflected on our brand name only.

Our company remains the same legal entity and it is business as usual. All contracts and agreements remain legal and valid. We will continue to work with our partners and members to ensure their success.

There has been no change to our legal entity, therefore there is no need to change any legal documents.

As we haven’t changed our corporate entity, all banking information remain the same.