Rebrand Announcement

VDroom-Travel Announces Major Rebranding and is now Visualier

Tel Aviv, Israel, Release: November 20, 2019. For Immediate Release

Visualier, a software company, today announced a major rebranding to reflect the company’s evolution into a smart image management and distribution business.

Michal Hubschmann, chief executive officer at Visualier, said, “360° visuals have been adopted and tested by the hospitality industry when the technology first came out. However, the format was quickly dropped due to interference with the website’s response time and server costs.

While high quality images and content can potentially improve results, they are too ‘heavy’. And as a result, the consumer experiences latency, which reduces conversion rate.”

“Visualier has solved this, ” adds Hubschmann,  “we introduced bespoke content delivery solution which brings cutting edge cloud infrastructure to the masses.

The solution can easily be used by anyone, and allows for both fast loading while being very cost efficient 

You no longer need to compromise on quality and experience, or be a computer engineer to maintain a fast and smooth website…”

“The best way to illustrate the new Visualier is to experience the work we are doing for our clients like Fattal Hotels, who have had success harnessing the power of rich data, groundbreaking technologies, engaging creative and transformative ideas to achieve impressive business results,” says Hubschmann.

The rebranding includes a top-to-bottom redesign of the company’s brand name, website, logo, graphics, communications and correspondence. Lance Bailey, Co-Founder and CTO explains the idea behind the new name, “Similar to the way a wine expert is a sommelier, a hotel expert is a hotelier, we are the visual experts – we are Visualier.“

Contact info:

Name: Michal Hubschmann

Organization: Visualier

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Address: Urban Place – Ahad Ha’Am St 9, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel