Hotel Marketing Strategies

Whether you are a newbie in establishing a hotel business or simply want to optimize your success in the hotel business and attract as many travellers as possible, there’s a lot to consider especially, when it comes to hotel marketing strategies. Hotel management strategies encompass a huge array of skills, topics and strategies that you must be well aware of and master to be a successful hotelier and develop your name in the world of the competitive market. Effective hotel marketing strategies will ultimately lead to more potential customers and guests, and hence, it will result in more popularity of your hotel, increase bookings and impact your hotel success. Let’s debunk the best hotel marketing strategies that will help you stay ahead of your competitors and outshine them by engaging more prospective guests.

1. Get acuity with social media

Social media has taken the success of all the businesses by a storm. If you lack to be a part of social media marketing, you surely need to gear up and land on the social media world now. Social media marketing will gain a lot of exposure and attention for your brand, and this promotional activity takes so many forms to do so. You can create your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account, and maintain your social media presence to gain more customers. By optimizing your social media pages, you can attract more people to get to know you and trust your services and hence increase bookings to have them in as your guest afterwards because that’s what a purpose for hotel marketing strategies holds.

2. Email-marketing and SEO

In the modern era of technology, staying ahead of the competition by a fair margin is fairly important. Maintaining an optimized website for your website and focusing on Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for your website online can take you to tremendous growth heights. Most of the hotels have a list of e-mail ids of their customers that can play a crucial role in making new customers or retaining the old ones. You can engage them to revisit your hotel by shooting your best offers to them through e-mail marketing or maintaining healthy blogging for your site and see the strong impact.

3. Target the right audience

Every hotel has its own class and facilities according to its category. And the rates they offer highly depend on their services and facilities. So some people have a limited budget, and they can’t afford these types of hotel, even every hotel has some limited customers. It is very important for marketers to target the right customers for their hotel. Hotel marketing is not an easy task it requires lots of effort and money. And targeting the right customer is very important, because if you target the wrong customers. They may be not able to afford your hotel, or may your hotel is low standard according to their class. There are many factors that the customer doesn’t choose your hotel. So make sure you target those people who actually interested in your hotel and capable of having booked in your hotel.

4. Listen to guest insights

Customer reviews and recommendations about your hotel can either get you a hundred bucks or cost you millions. Customers never hesitate to channelize their insights in the form of giving reviews to your site or simply sharing their experiences with other customers online. So, it’s pivotal to keep an eye on your customer’s insights as it matters the most, especially in the hospitality industry. Acknowledging your customer’s insights, correcting your flaws and making sure to please them in every way possible will definitely lead to sustained growth for your business.

5. Online Presence 

In this era of technology, ways of doing business become easier. The travelers can do research online and get rates from different travel agents. They can easily compare the packages online and choose the best suitable for them. Even the booking payment is made through online sources. There are many different sites and apps which can make bookings easier. According to the research, about 75 per cent of the world traveller use online site to get the rate and make bookings. This will save their time and money, and the best things they can easily compare the rates of multiple travel agents.

Nowadays most people prefer to have direct bookings from the hotel website. This will save the commission of the agents and their time of finding the best travel agent. So it is important for the hotel to have their proper website with the available facilities. Don’t limit yourself on the specific sites; your hotel should be on every traveling website for bookings.